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Study Chinese online any time and any where in the world with our highly qualified teachers. 

For personal interest, exam preparation, or work, for all ages and levels.

The Chinese language is very diverse as is the culture behind it. We have courses that are targeted at particular interests or age groups and we have different ways of delivering the online lessons to suit everyone.  Some people want to study for exams, work or travel, others just want to study Chinese for interest.

Whatever you want we’ve got you covered!

See our overview of courses and methods below. All of them can be paid for with our safe, flexible subscription plans so don’t require a large amount of cash up front!

Flexible subscription plans

start from €35 /  month

1-1 individual, small group or intensive lessons

Pay monthly / Cancel anytime

100% teacher-led lessons

1:1 Online Chinese Lessons

• Your own teacher

• Study at your own pace 

• Flexible, Individual Study Plan

• Ask a teacher questions anytime

• Regular review of learning progress

Group Online Chinese Lessons

• Fixed date & times

• Small, 2-5 groups

• Interaction with other students

• Class community support

• Regular review of learning progress

Intensive Online Chinese Lessons

• Your own teacher

• Study at a faster pace

• Applies to all courses

• Flexible, Individual Study Plan

• Cost Effective & Fast

Chinese HSK Preparation

  • 1:1 Online lessons
  • Group Online Lessons

Subscriptions from €35

 Spoken Chinese

  • 1:1 Online lessons
  • Group Online Lessons

Subscriptions from €35

Business Chinese

  • 1:1 Online lessons

Subscriptions from €49

Unlock China!

Learn the language & the culture

Chinese Language 

& Culture

  • 1:1 Online lessons

Subscriptions from €49

Chinese Characters

  • 1:1 Online lessons

Subscriptions from €49

Chinese for Teens 12-17

  • 1:1 Online lessons

Subscriptions from €49

Chinese for Kids 5 to 11

  • 1:1 Online lessons

Subscriptions from €49


  • 1:1 Online lessons

Subscriptions from €49

How to get started

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  • Your Course
  • 1:1 or Group lesson
  • Subscription Plan

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1:1 Online Lessons:

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Group Online Lessons:

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Attend Your First Class!

Not sure where you should get started? 

Book a live 1:1 free consultation with one of our professional teachers now to get some guidance, it’s easy to get started.

Student Reviews:



“Chinese Online Courses are great! I really would recommend them to everyone learning Chinese. The atmosphere with the teacher is amazing and they are really nice and patient with you. Also they have an extremely flexible schedule and care about the students timetable the most, so you are always the one to decide when the next lesson will be! Which is great for people who are really busy.”



“I really like the Chinese lessons with our teacher. I would also really recommend it to other people who are searching for a way to learn Chinese. We started at the very beginning so it was easy for everyone to understand and follow the lessons without any previous experience. In consultation with our teacher we could easily find the time and date to have our lessons so it would fit in everybody schedule. We focused a lot on our speech which I really liked, so we can improve our Chinese skills more quickly. The teacher pays a lot of attention to us students and always asks if we understood what was explained  and repeats it if needed. During the lessons there is a nice atmosphere, I didn't felt rushed and always comfortable to say something or talk to the teacher.”

Not sure about Chinese Online Courses? Try us now, book a 1-1 50 minutes trial lesson  for only €12.99


Q: Can I get the ‘first month half price’ offer twice?

A: No. To be fair, students can only have this promotion once. The promotion in any event is for a limited time only and may be stopped or varied without notice.

Q: How can I be sure of teaching quality?

A: Our excellent teachers are all well qualified and enthusiastic. We monitor and regularly review lesson delivery with them and their students to ensure lessons are of the highest quality and up to date.

Q: Is it possible to choose my teacher?

A: Not usually. However, sometimes teacher and student do not ‘click’. In this case, we will change the teacher early and as often as possible until there is a ‘good match’

Q: How fast can I learn Chinese?

A: This depends both on an individual’s language learning ability and how closely spaced the lessons are, suit’s impossible to give a time; In general, the ideal is 2-3 lessons a week, with time for personal practice and review between lessons. This way students begin to think in Chinese more easily and make steady progress. However, if you are comfortable with 1 lesson a week that works but makes progress slower. If you want to learn really fast we can arrange an intensive course with at least 1 lesson a day.

Q: How can I choose the right course?

A: Some choices are easy: if you want to pass the HSK exams at any level, choose our HSK preparation course; if you just want to speak and listen in everyday conversation, choose our Spoken Chinese course; for teenagers and children choose the relevant age related course. For others, it will depend on what your interest is - our Chinese characters course for example will teach you Chinese but delve more deeply into the meaning and writing of Chinese characters. If you are in doubt, ask for a free consultation by email or WhatsApp and we’ll talk with you to help you make your decision

Q: What do I need to follow an online course?

A: You need: A computer, tablet or suitable mobile phone (video capable); A good internet connection; A quiet place with headphones and microphone if necessary. Two way video is essential for lessons.

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