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A happy & efficient way to learn Mandarin Chinese by yourself

  • Study  at your own pace 24/7
  • For total beginners / beginners
  • A systematic self-study course 
  • Teacher support included
  • Interactive students community   
  • Level achieved: HSK1/CEFR A1
  • Multi- media works on all devices

Why self-learning courses?

Want to learn mandarin Chinese? You’re not alone! Many people want to learn, but don’t know how to get started. Some barriers that stop would-be students: 

  • It’s hard to find time to have a lesson regularly
  • Difficult to find a complete self learning system for a beginner
  • No student support in many self learning programs
  • Cost of live lessons not really affordable

For these reasons, we’ve used smart online technology to offer a complete, systematic self-study course at an affordable price that give a similar learning benefit to live lessons.  

Benefits of our Self-Study Courses:

  • The right place to start for total beginners
  • Study in your own time and at your own speed
  • Complete foundation based on official curriculum
  • Private interactive group for students and teacher 
  • Learn at an affordable price
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Writing Chinese characters
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Self study Chinese lessons examples
Course Overview

Course Overview - Examples from Lesson 5

How can you learn successfully by yourself ?

If you have this kind question in mind, for sure you are not the only one. We have thought about it as well, and have designed the course carefully to help you study in small, easy sessions.

When you need it, there’s help built in.

An online Community for students and teacher:

  • Ask a question at any time
  • A teacher will answer as soon as possible
  • See other questions & answers
  • Interact with others, for motivation and enjoyment
  • Get in touch with us easily

Self Study Course - Chinese for Beginners 1 (HSK1) 

Self Study Chinese for beginners HSK1

Start Now

$19.95 single payment

What’s included in this course? 

Video lessons
  • 100+ short video lessons  
  • include 15 common topics  

Video lessons

Chinese vocabulary


  • 150 essential words 
  • 50+ essential phrases and sentences 
Chinese grammar


  • 40+ essential grammar points
  • Start speaking Chinese naturally
Chinese characters


  • 17+ strokes and radicals 
  • 40+ single component characters
  • Understand Character structures 
  • Introduction to Chinese characters
  • 100+ multi-media quiz type practices
  • Reinforces learning at every stage
  • Practice your pronunciation, listening, reading and  understanding 

Interactive Practice 

  • A practice/mock exam 
  • On completion of course 
  • Very similar to real exam
Mock HSK1 Chinese exam

Mock HSK 1 Exam

Why would you want our self study courses?


Super Flexible

Study Mandarin Chinese:

  • Properly
  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • On your own
  • When you want
  • Take a break anytime!

Great Support

  • Free online Community
  • Ask a question anytime
  • Teacher will answer
  • See other student Q&A
  • Interact with others
  • Stay motivated
  • Enjoy!

Help while you’re learning:

Smart learning

Smart Learning

  • Available anywhere online 
  • 100 + Multi-media quizzes
  • Exercises
  • Practice  listening & reading 
  • Challenging and fun!
  • Works on all devices!

Modern Technology:



Simple pricing:

  • One payment $19.95

Q: Who should use our self-study course?

A: Anyone who wishes to start to learn Chinese. It is particularly popular for those who:

  • Prefer to study when it suits them and at their own pace rather than scheduling lessons
  • Want to keep the initial cost low and see how their learning goes
  • Need some additional learning support
  • Have studied a little Chinese, but now need to systematically learn the foundation correctly

Q: Is the HSK1 course suitable for beginners?

A: HSK1 is the basic beginners level for learning Mandarin Chinese. 

Q: Does this course also apply to people who do not plan to take the exam?

A: An HSK exam is a test of one's proficiency in Chinese. Whether one takes the exam or not, the ultimate goal is to learn Chinese, and that is exactly what the official HSK course curriculum is all about. Therefore, the HSK course is suitable for anyone who takes or does not take the exam but wishes to learn Chinese.

Q: How long do I have access to the study material?

A: The single payment gives you unlimited access for 6 months and can be extended on request.

Q: Can I get help if I'm having trouble with my course?

A: Yes. There is built-in support with an interactive online community where you can ask teachers questions or ask for help. This is extensive and should provide a lot of help. If you need more than that, we can discuss what you need to solve your problems and make a plan. You’re not alone in your studies!

Q: Can I download the material and sell it?

A: No, there is no download facility. Please respect the hard work and creativity that has gone into the course material. All material is created and owned by our selves and protected by copyright. Any attempt to do so that comes to light will be treated as theft and fraud. If you want to work with us to sell the course, we have an affiliate program.



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