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Business Chinese and Chinese for working

This course is for all who need to use or are interested in using Chinese at work or in business, but of particular interest to companies or individuals who will be or are already working or doing business in China.

Why learn business Chinese?

At a glance

  • Levels: total beginner to intermediate
  • Delivered by individual 1:1 Sessions
  • Each level 30-40 1:1 sessions 
  • Each session around 50 minutes
  • Learn to speak, read and write Chinese
  • Learn professional Chinese business language
  • Understand Chinese business culture
  • Start as a beginner or higher
  • Teacher to assess Chinese level: 
    • in first meeting after you subscribe 

Online Business Chinese Lessons 1:1

Online Chinese Lessons - 1:1

  • Trial period with 3 free lessons
  • Your own teacher
  • Study at your own pace 
  • Flexible, Individual Study Plan
  • Ask a teacher questions anytime
  • Regular review of learning progress

1:1 Online Lessons

Trial Period - First 3 Chinese Lessons Free with all plans

Online Business Chinese Lessons

1:1 lessons

Trial period €0

Then 5 lessons/month 


Cost €19.8 a lesson

Online Business Chinese Lessons

1:1 lessons

Trial Period €0

Then 10 lessons/month


Cost €17.9 a lesson

Online Business Chinese Lessons

1:1 lessons

Trial Period €0 

Then 15 lessons/month


Cost €14.6 a lesson

To ensure that you learn effectively, this course uses:

 • Course textbooks suitable for international Chinese education:

We use textbooks specially prepared for international students, which are in line with the learning characteristics of non-native Chinese students.

Note: These are not provided, but are easily available from most booksellers.

 • Regular review of student’s progress, identification of individual problems:

No two students are the same. From the beginning of the course, the teacher will make sure that they understand the student’s expectations and identify the student's learning difficulties and weaknesses. During the course, the teacher will make sure that the student is able to overcome any difficulties and meet their expectations.

 • Highly qualified teachers of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language:

Our teachers all have a university diploma in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and practical teaching experience in teaching non-native Chinese students. 

Mandarin requires correct pronunciation and intonation. Our teacher has a Mandarin Chinese certificate in addition to their other qualifications, which guarantees that they will teach you the correct Chinese (Mandarin, the national standard) and pronunciation.

• Flexible monthly subscription payments:

We are very confident in the quality of our courses. Therefore, we offer flexible monthly payments. You can start this wonderful Business Chinese course without paying a large fee before beginning the course. Continue for as long as you need, cancel at any time if it’s not for you.


Q: Do I need to know some Chinese before taking this course?

A: No, definitely not. you can start at beginner level and work your way up to advanced level. If you already have some Chinese, your teacher will check your level and start your course at a suitable place.

Q: What’s the difference between this course and other courses?

A: In this course, you will learn the use of specific Chinese language terms in business and professional work as well as learn normal Chinese, in an integrated manner, so that you can use your Chinese skills in business and general working life in Chinese society or environments as well as everyday life .

Q: Is this a tailor made business course?

A: Yes it is. We will choose the textbook material and course content to suit your level of Chinese and your actual needs. This will be established in the usual pre-course meeting that we hold at the start of every 1:1 subscription.

Q: I’m usually quite busy, how often can I re-book a lesson?

A: Unlimited, as long as you make the change at least 24 hours before your lesson. Lesson slots are only valid for 3 months, so you need to make sure you don’t build up a big arrears of lessons. If you are having problems, we are always happy to talk and work out a solution for you. 

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