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Chinese Lessons and Tutoring for Kids 5-11

The great benefit of learning a foreign language as a child is not only understanding the language.

Studies have shown that learning another language as a child helps the development of the brain.

The unique writing, pronunciation, grammar, etc. of Chinese is particularly stimulating and interesting, making it a good choice as an additional language for a young kids.

Plus of course, when they grow up, they’ll be able to communicate with and understand one of the largest population groups in the world.

At a glance

    •    Levels: total beginner to advanced

    •    Delivered by individual 1:1 sessions

    •    Each level about 50-60 sessions

    •    Each session 25 minutes, appropriate for kids

    •    Interesting and often fun!

    •    Parents are welcome to join their child in the lesson 

          to see how they’re doing

    •    Friendly, safe female teacher 

1:1 Online Chinese Lessons

• Your own teacher

• Study at your own pace 

• Flexible, Individual Study Plan

• Ask a teacher questions anytime

• Regular review of learning progress

Choose your subscription from one of the options below, depending on how many sessions a week you need

Chinese Online Course KDC-IND1

2 sessions/week

€49 1st month then €99/month

4 sessions/week

2 extra session/month


€79 1st month then €159/month

Chinese Online Course KIDC-IND2

Chinese Online Course KIDC-IND3

6 sessions/week

 €99 1st month then €199/month


Q: Where can I buy the right textbooks for my kids?

A: We use textbooks that are widely available from online booksellers. We’ll send you the details before your child’s lessons start.

Q: Can I have a recording of my child’s lessons?

A: Yes. We can send you this if you wish. You can also join your child during the lesson but please be quiet and don’t distract them. You’ll also have the teacher’s contact details so you can send messages or talk to them when necessary if there are any problems.

Q: What content is included in Kids’ 5-11 lessons?

A: Children’s courses are divided into different stages from basic through to advanced to meet the learning needs of children at different stages in their development. The learning topics at each stage are familiar to children  in daily life, such as food, family, animals, school etc. so are very relatable for the child, they will learn words and basic grammar easily. You will see your child go quickly from recognising a few characters to speaking complete sentences, reading and telling a short story and expressing themselves in Chinese with confidence.

Q: Is it possible for 2 or 3 children to join the same lesson?

A: Yes, we can set up a special, discounted subscription rate so that 2-3 children can have a group lesson together. Fun for the children and more economical for parents, plus the children can practice together in between lessons.

Q: How can I discuss with Chinese Online Course want I want for my child?

A: Just email us (info@chineseonlinecourses.com) or send us a message on WhatsApp to request a free consultation. We’ll get back to you with an invite for an online meeting where we can discuss your situation and suggest how we can help. Or just ask us a question!

Children aged 5 to 11 are curious, active, like new things and challenging things, but their attention usually cannot be sustained. Therefore, at this stage, we aim to:

Childrens Cartoon

 Cultivate their interest, learn Chinese in a fun and playful atmosphere but with serious outcomes.

Childrens cartoon

The sessions, especially for children, use interactive forms such as games, stories, card recognition and quiz, etc. to aid the leaning process and make it interesting and fun

Sessions are short -The suggested duration of the class is 25 minutes.

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