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Chinese lessons and tutoring for  Teens 12-17

Do you want to learn about Chinese language and culture through interesting classes? Do you want to learn Chinese with the support of highly qualified native Chinese teachers? Do you want to share the experience of learning Chinese with other young people from all over the world? Now, at the right time for you, where you feel comfortable, you can achieve this with our excellentl online Chinese courses.

Whether you start as a total beginner, want to improve your Chinese language skills, or just want to learn Chinese properly as a second language and perhaps get ready for an exam, this course will suit you. 

At a glance

• Levels: total beginner to advanced

• Delivered by individual 1:1 sessions

• Each level about 40-60 sessions

• Each session 50 minutes

• Interactive lessons and exciting online community activities 

• Chinese level assessed in first meeting after you subscribe 

• For teens learning Chinese as a foreign/second language


• For teens taking exams (GCSE,HSK,AP,SAT etc)

1:1 Online Chinese Lessons

• Your own teacher

• Study at your own pace 

• Flexible, Individual Study Plan

• Ask a teacher questions anytime

• Regular review of learning progress

Choose your subscription from one of the options below, depending on how many sessions a week you need

Chinese Online Course TEENS-IND1

1 session/week

 €49 1st month then €99/month

Chinese Online Course TEENS-IND2

2 sessions/week

1 extra session/month


€79 1st month then €159/month

Chinese Online Course TEENS-IND3

3 sessions/week

 €99 1st month then €199/month


Q: Why learn Chinese online?

A: It’s convenient and flexible, and lower cost than face to face 1:1 teaching. With our 1:1 courses you have your own teacher, so you make progress quickly and get all your questions answered. And with a real Chinese as a teacher, it’ll be like going to China without the time and cost. Perfect!

Q: Will I have homework?

A: Yes. Practice makes perfect Your teacher will ask you to review and practice what you’ve learnt after each lesson and some homework. You’ll review your homework and sort out any difficulties at your next lesson before you start a new topic, to make sure you’ve understood properly.

Q: Can I use these lessons to study for GCSE or other national exams?

A: Yes you can. We are happy to pick up your exam textbooks and curriculum and tutor you to help you pass the exams, or even learn Chinese from the beginning to enable you to take your GCSE or other national exam.

Q: Can I have tutoring sessions for my Chinese writing or other weak points when studying for GCSE or other national exam?

A: Yes you can. We’re happy to provide tutoring lessons based on your own textbooks or material. However, we often find that students need extra help with other basics like sentence structure and grammar to support their writing skills, so we will suggest that is included in the tutoring lessons. Our 1:1 online teaching is very flexible and good value!

Q: How can I find out if you can help me with my Chinese language studies?

A: Just email us (info@chineseonlinecourses.com) or send us a message on WhatsApp to request a free consultation. We’ll get back to you with an invite for an online meeting where we can discuss your situation and suggest how we can help. 

This course learning material uses topics that teens are all familiar with and interested in, we aim to bring these to you with fun in our every live lesson, so you can learn and improve your Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in an interesting way, as well as understanding the relevant Chinese culture faster and easier. The course is also suitable for young students taking exams such as SAT, IGCSE, IB, HSK, etc.

Key aspects of the course include:

Task-based learning method with clearly focused goals in every session, using focussed activities to complete tasks to master real, practical and meaningful language.

Find your weaknesses by regular exercise and fill the gap, feel your progress as you become more fluent and experienced in using Chinese, learn efficiently.

Connect and develop your Chinese language skills through our teens community.

We use textbooks that are perfectly designed for teens who are learning Chinese as a foreign/ second language. 

Textbooks required

Chinese textbooks for teens learning Chinese as a foreign language
Table of Chinese textbooks for teens 12-17 learning as a foreign language
Table of Chinese textbooks for teens 12-17 learning as a foreign language

Books Required

Exam Level

Book 1


IGCSE Foreign Language(UK)

Book 1


HSK Levels 1



IGCSE Second Language(UK), HSK Levels 1




Book 1


Book 6


HSK Level 6(China), IB BS Level, IB BH Level

To ensure that you learn effectively, this course uses:

 • Course textbooks suitable for international Chinese education:

We use textbooks specially prepared for international students, which are in line with the learning characteristics of non-native Chinese students.

Note: These are not provided, but are easily available from most booksellers.

 • Regular review of student’s progress, identification of individual problems:

No two students are the same. From the beginning of the course, the teacher will make sure that they understand the student’s expectations and identify the student's learning difficulties and weaknesses. During the course, the teacher will make sure that the student is able to overcome any difficulties and meet their expectations.

 • Highly qualified teachers of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language:

Our teachers all have a university diploma in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and practical teaching experience in teaching non-native Chinese students. 

Mandarin requires correct pronunciation and intonation. Our teacher has a Mandarin Chinese certificate in adddition to their other qualifications, which guarantees that they will teach you the correct Chinese (Mandarin, the national standard) and pronounciation.

• Flexible monthly subscription payments:

We are very confident in the quality of our courses. Therefore, we offer flexible monthly payments. You can start without paying a large fee before beginning the course. Continue for as long as you need, cancel at any time if it’s not for you.

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