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1:1 Lessons for Teens & Kids

  • Live 1:1 Interactive lessons
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Your child has their own teacher
  • Ask teacher questions 24/7
  • Design your child’s own study plan and schedule

What’s included in 1:1 lessons for Teens & Kids?

At the beginning:

Teens and Kids learning Chinese often have different learning objectives to adults, for example taking an exam or continuing their studies. In the first free lesson, the teacher will check the student’s current level of Chinese (if any) and why they’re learning Chinese - parents are also welcome to join this session.  The teacher will suggest the right course/level for the student and set up an individual study plan with a lesson schedule. The student’s learning journey will start at the next lesson. This is just the beginning; teacher and student (or parents) can change the schedule or objectives, within the limits of the time limit set for the lesson package. 

Lesson length: 

Lesson length is 30 minutes instead of 50 minutes in Adult’s 1:1 lessons. This is to allow for shorter concentration time during lessons for younger learners, but students can have more than one lesson together if they wish. 

During the course: 

Students will have 30 minute lessons with their teacher using online meeting technology (Zoom, VooV or Lessonspace as appropriate) according to their schedule. The lessons will be highly interactive and include listening, speaking, reading or writing as appropriate for the language level and lesson focus plus quizzes and games for younger students. Each lesson will include practicing and reinforcing what’s being learnt, as well as a learning summary at the end of each month for parents and student to give a clear vision of progress, strengths and weaknesses. The teacher will help your child or teenager to really understand the language and move forward step by step, making sure they have learnt properly and not just had a lesson.

Younger Kids: 

Parents of younger children are welcome to join their child’s lesson if that helps parent or child to feel comfortable. For Teens and Kids lessons, we will normally always use female teachers and especially so for younger students.

Learning with a native Chinese teacher: 

Because your child’s teacher is a native Chinese, often still living in China, students will get a real insight into everyday Chinese people and modern Chinese culture in their lessons as they and their teacher get to know each other.  This is an invaluable part of learning Chinese in the live 1:1 lesson programme, and will help greatly to progress their learning as well as the benefit of practising listening and speaking with a native speaker. Apart from being well qualified and used to working with children, our teachers are good examples of everyday Chinese citizens, normally female and of course speak good English.

24/7 support: 

The chapter’s learning focus and an after-class assignment will be given at the end of each lesson. The great benefit with our 1:1 private lessons is that students (or parents) can ask their teacher questions and get answers via our online private community or other medium outside of lesson time. Students can send to their teacher completed assignments and receive corrections and detailed feedback. Depending on the content of the lesson, sometimes their teacher will give audio or video exercises to practice listening and speaking, younger students may need help with this.  The teacher will monitor your child’s learning process throughout. In this way, students (and parents) will get the best support during their studies.

Teens 12-17

Teens aged 12-17 may want to learn Chinese properly as a second language and perhaps get ready for an exam. We are using the textbookChinese made easyperfectly designed for young students taking exams such as SAT, IGCSE, IB, HSK, etc.

The learning material uses topics that all teens are familiar with and interested in, we aim to bring fun in every live lesson, to help learning and improvement of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in an interesting way, as well as understanding the relevant Chinese culture faster and easier with one of our native teachers.

Tutoring: We are happy to pick up specific exam textbooks and the curriculum to help pass a specific exam, or even learn Chinese from the beginning to enable taking a GCSE or other national exam.

This is a course for children aged 5 to 11 years old. It is designed to stimulate children's interest in learning Chinese and to improve their Chinese language skills (listening, speaking and using) with lively and interesting teaching materials and methods suited to children. 

We use Easy Steps to Chinese, a specially designed textbook for non-Mandarin speaking children, with teachers who have relevant teaching experience. We also introduce Chinese culture, such as kung fu, festivals, Chinese zodiac, folk tales and other knowledge of interest to the children, so that they can fall in love with Chinese and become familiar with Chinese culture in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Through continuous learning, their Chinese language skills will be sufficient to understand daily language.

Kids 5-11






Learn with your own teacher

Ask a question

Ask teacher a question 24/7


Maximum flexibility



Q: Why learn Chinese online?

A: It’s convenient and flexible!  With our 1:1 courses you have your own teacher, so you make progress quickly and get all your questions answered. And with a real Chinese as a teacher, it’ll be like going to China without the time and cost. Perfect!

Q: Will I have homework?

A: Yes. Practice makes perfect Your teacher will ask you to review and practice what you’ve learnt after each lesson and some homework. We’ll review your homework and sort out any difficulties at your next lesson before you start a new topic, to make sure you’ve understood properly.

Q: Can I use these lessons to study for GCSE or other national exams?

A: Yes you can. We are happy to pick up your exam textbooks and curriculum and tutor you to help you pass the exams, or even learn Chinese from the beginning to enable you to take your GCSE or other national exam.

Q: Can I have tutoring sessions for my Chinese writing or other weak points when studying for GCSE or other national exam?

A: Yes you can. We’re happy to provide tutoring lessons based on your own textbooks or material. However, we often find that students need extra help with other basics like sentence structure and grammar to support their writing skills, so we will often suggest that is included in the tutoring lessons. Our 1:1 online teaching is very flexible and good value!

Q: How can I find out if you can help me with my Chinese language studies?

A: Just email us (info@chineseonlinecourses.com) or send us a message on WhatsApp to request a free consultation. We’ll get back to you with an invite for an online meeting where we can discuss your situation and suggest how we can help. 

Q: Can I get a refund if I need to stop my lessons?

A: Yes. You need to give at least 1 week's notice, and lessons you have taken or scheduled within the notice period will be

charged at $15/lesson. If you have taken more lessons than payments made then your payments will continue until there

is a positive balance. The balance will be refunded to you within two weeks by the same payment method you used. No

cash refunds.

Q: Can I pay for my lesson package by monthly payments?

A: Yes. All Study Packages are paid for by a number of fixed monthly payments over the duration of the package, so that you can spread the cost of your studies. This is not a subscription plan; you agree to pay the  whole amount in the number of fixed payments shown and payments finish when the last one is paid, without any renewal or continuation.

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