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Who we are

Chinese Online Courses is a partnership between two companies, one in The Hague, Netherlands and the other in Beijing.The idea was created by a Chinese teacher who was born in China, qualified as a teacher there and later moved to Europe. She has never forgotten her passion for Chinese  teaching, so she put together a group of bright, highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers in China with international expertise who can deliver lessons with an authentic feel.

That’s who “we” are -  We believe that engaging people outside China with language, culture and heritage at the individual level will help build mutual understanding and appreciation.

Our aim

We are focused on online Chinese language teaching, both live 1:1 lessons and our own design self-study course with teacher assistance. We believe this gives every student the right mix of personalised teaching and easy access, so that every individual can find what’s right for them. We provide courses for students around the world who wish to learn Chinese, aiming to give every student the best possible learning experience, the one that’s just right for them.

What we do

Our Teachers

We firmly believe that the quality of teachers is the key to the quality of teaching, a serious teaching attitude gains the confidence of parents and students.

All teachers have a bachelor's degree in Chinese and a certificate in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. They have a solid foundation of Chinese, fluent English communication skills, experience in Chinese teaching, and most importantly, love teaching Chinese.

Our teachers are willing to lead students to truly “learn, understand and apply” rather than just "learn" Chinese.

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