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Chinese characters are quite unique. Memorising and writing Chinese characters is a challenge to most students who are learning Chinese. Fortunately, they are also very interesting and have a logical structure which makes learning them easier.

This course is suitable for total beginners who are interested in learning Chinese characters or those already studying Chinese but need more help learning how to write and remember Chinese characters.

At a glance

  • Any Level
  • Delivered by:
    • Individual 1:1 lessons
  • Each level 30-40 1:1 lessons 
  • Each lesson 50 minutes
  • Learn to read and write Chinese characters
  • Start as a total beginner or higher
  • Good if you have a special interest in Chinese
  • Live interaction with teacher very effective in this course

More Details


“This is probably the best course for learning Chinese Characters”

Experience the power of live, interactive 1:1 video tuition

* See the strokes demonstrated

* Watch how strokes are written in the correct order

* Practice your strokes and character writing as the teacher watches

* Get immediate feedback and correction

* Work with your teacher until perfect

Laptop computer with Chinese character writing exercises

What is in this course?

  • Understand the long and rich history of Chinese Characters
  • See how Chinese characters have become simplified in recent years
  • Learn the basic strokes used in writing characters
  • Learn the order that the strokes must be written in
  • Understand and learn Chinese character structure
  • Get help with memorising Chinese characters
  • Memorise and use 855  commonly used Chinese Characters
  • Read simple text in Chinese Characters

Online Chinese Characters Lessons - 1:1

Online Chinese Lessons - 1:1

  • Trial period with free lessons
  • Your own teacher
  • Study at your own pace 
  • Flexible, Individual Study Plan
  • Ask a teacher questions anytime
  • Regular review of learning progress

1:1 Online Lessons

Trial Period - First 3 Chinese Lessons Free with all plans

Online Chinese Characters Lessons

1:1 lessons

Trial Period €0

Then 5 lessons/month 


Cost €19.8 a lesson

Online Chinese Characters Lessons

1:1 lessons

Trial Period €0

Then 10 lessons/month


Cost €15.9 a lesson

Online Chinese Characters Lessons

1:1 lessons

Trial Period €0

Then 15 lessons/month


Cost €13.25 a lesson


Q: How can I learn to write Chinese characters online?

A: We use shared online whiteboard technology available with a number of conferencing/teaching software, so that the teacher can demonstrate writing and then watch the student attempt to write, or guide the student stroke by stroke to start with.

Q: I’ve never learned Chinese before, is this course too difficult for me?

A: No, you can start as a beginner. Textbooks and material  use pinyin, English translations and pictures to explain the characters which are easy to understand.

Q: Is the course about traditional or simplified characters?

A: Simplified characters. These are easy to write and use and are used in daily communications in modern China, but of course have their roots in the older often more complicated traditional characters.

Q: Is this course good for those who have already learnt HSK1 or 2?

A: Yes. If you have studied up to HSK 2, you will find many of these characters are familiar to you. Practsing writing and acquiring this skill will help you to memorise more characters and use them properly. This is a good foundation for studying at HSK 3 level and beyond.

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