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You're definitely welcome! Experience our fun live Chinese lesson with one of our excellent native Chinese teachers.

Absolutely free!

We have regular, free live Chinese lessons on Zoom with random subjects that we choose from time to time.

Examples are: HSK levels 1-4 sample lessons, spoken Chinese, Chinese cultural items and other subjects.

The course content will be announced on our Facebook page one week in advance

Lesson times:   

7:00-7:30 EDT 

 13:00-13:30 CET 

20:00-20:30 Beijing Time 

Every Tuesday 


You can watch live or see recordings of previous free lessons, on

The time not suit you? Why not try our individual trial lesson? 

 For only €12.99, you can get a 50 minute 1-1 trial lesson.

Trial Chinese Lesson

1 online session

50 minutes

Special price €12.99

Once we receive your payment for a Trial Lesson, we’ll contact you within 24 hours to arrange your lesson. Make sure you include your correct contact details when processing your payment

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