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Study Chinese with intensive Chinese Lessons

Do you need to learn Chinese or improve your Chinese skills quicker than our standard subscription plans allow? 

Now, you don't have to fly thousands of miles to China to immerse yourself in Chinese, you can take as many lessons as you want, as often as you want, with us, wherever you feel comfortable, at any time that suits you.

Our excellent Chinese teachers can take any of our courses and give you more frequent online lessons and practices to help you learn as quickly as you are able to.

At a glance

  • Can be used for any course
  • Levels: total beginner to advanced
  • Delivered by individual 1:1 sessions
  • Your own teacher
  • Each session 50 minutes, 1 or more each day 
    • depending on what you agree with us
  • Learn Chinese speaking, listening, reading, writing and culture
    • customised to suit you
  • Teacher to assess your Chinese level in meeting after you subscribe
  • Special subscription rate to be agreed 
    • once we have agreed how frequent your lessons will be

Contact Us to discuss your subscription

Why subscribe to intensive lessons?

You can immerse yourself in Chinese on a daily basis, which helps you to get used to the pronunciation, tones and sounds of Chinese quickly. Understanding grammar, memorising Chinese characters and their meaning related to cultural background becomes easier as you immerse yourself in your studies.Your personal teacher will be more like a daily work colleague or instructor and will intensively train you at the fastest pace possible for you.

Language training with a high degree of learning intensity and effectiveness can allow you to achieve your personal language goals particularly quickly, and daily language exercises can allow you to improve your expression skills in a short period of time.


Q: Why are intensive lessons more efficient?

A: Chinese is a tonal language. Intensive courses can help you get your tongue around Chinese tones quickly. Due to the way our brain works, usually, information needs to be repeated at least 5 times before it can be transformed into long-term memory. In intensive courses, the continuous repetition of speech, vocabulary, grammatical structure, reading and dialogue, etc., in lessons that are close together prompts the brain to store what’s learnt in long term memory.

Q: How long does an intensive course last?

A: It depends on how frequent you choose your lessons to be. You can have several sessions per day for just weekends, a week, a month, two months or longer. It is recommended to study several lessons per day, 50 minutes per lesson, 5 consecutive days a week, depending on how quickly you need to learn in what time period. This usually ensures very rapid progress without wearing the student out!

Q: What courses can I do on an intensive programme?

A: All of our courses can be made intensive, or we can design something just for you if you have special requirements. Email us (info@chinesonlinecourses.com) or message us on WhatsApp  to ask a question or set up a free consultation.

Q: How much does an intensive course cost?

A: That depends on how many sessions you want. Once we’ve agreed your needs, we’ll set up a special subscription for you to pay for the course.

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